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Interview with Jeff Hanneman - By Brandon
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Brandon Marshall: I'm here with Jeff Hanneman of SLAYER!!!! Jeff, it's not to often you do an interview. What gives?

Jeff Hanneman: I don't know, i don't read a lot of other peoples interviews and i don't give interviews because i figure who would be interested? I'm not interested in what a lot of other people have to say. With bands i like, if the music is good i don't give a shit what they have to say (laughs)

B.M: So you're on the second installment of the Jagermister tour, how is you're liver doing?

Jeff Hanneman: Not to bad believe it or not.

B.M: are you gonna trade in you're Heineken's's for a bottle of Jagermister?

Jeff Hannamen: (Laughs) I'm sticking with the Heineken's but doing a few shots here and there.

B.M: SLAYER is known for throwing in a few surprises in the set list pulling out songs that haven't been played live in years, what can the fans expect?

Jeff Hanneman: I don't know, they'll have to check it out! We have a pretty good set. We usually come up with a last second set idea and we tweak i here and there.

B.M:You guys are bringing out the wall of death on this tour, why don't you tell the readers about that and how it works.

Jeff Hanneman: Basically it was an idea we had years ago but we wern't able to do it. We Actually tried it out for the DVD first. There are a couple of tanks and i guess what you would call Hollywood blood and there is a tube going across perforated with holes and when it fills up it starts pouring down blood and it looks like it's raining. The only problem we had was son the us tour we have not been able to get it to work yet so we have been trying out different pumps and hopefully we can get it to work by the next show.

B.M: Have you been missing you're cue on it like you did up in Maine?

Jeff Hanneman: Nope, not at all (Laughs). I only did that once, it was disappointing.

B.M: "Still reigning" is going to be released next week and it's just amazing! I went to the filming and i thought you guys played more then what was on the DVD?

Jeff Hanneman: Well basically the idea was to just shoot the "Reign in blood" album and just put that out as a DVD and we figured, what the fuck, lets add more shit on it so we put a few more songs on it and added the interviews.

B.M: When is SLAYER going to release Live intrusion on DVD?

Jeff Hanneman: I don't know, we have talked about it. I don't know when but it will be out soon.

B.M: SLAYER has been going full throttle for the past 3 years, whats next?

Jeff Hangmen: The tour is done i think the 17th of December and of course we are gonna take a break through the holidays,on the 5th of January we are gonna start working on the new record again

B.M: Last time I checked in with you guys you had like 10 songs for [the new CD].

Jeff Hanneman: We have tons of ideas. We don't have any working titles, we have dumb names that we call the songs so we know what we are talking about but we don't have any real titles for it. We have tons of music to work with.

B.M: What is it sounding like so far?

Jeff Hanneman: To me it sound's like the first three songs on the last record. It's very intense and very insane.

B.M: Your last two records where very similar in lyrical styles, are you going to continue writing about the same shit?

Jeff Hanneman: I don't know. Lyrics are always the last thing to get done. We will finish up a song and we will have it where lyrics with a bridge the cords the solos what ever. Every now and then we will change the song to the lyrics. But we don't really plan out our records ahead of time. Whatever riff we are doing at the time we see what the lyrics are like, but they're not going to be wimpy.

B.M: Alot has been going on in the world since "God hates us all" so i'm sure you're not gonna get writer's block.

Jeff Hanneman: Ohh ya, there will'll be plenty to wright about

B.M: SLAYER is going into the studio on January 5th. Is it to early too tell when we are going to see a finished product?

Jeff Hanneman: Well we are not actually going in the 5th. We are just going to get together start hanging out at our practice space and get some ideas together. We are a band that does not like to go into the studio. We like to have things done before we go in so we don't waste time and money. We like to hang out at rehearsal space and work with songs. When we think they are close to done we go into the studio.

B.M: SLAYER likes to work separately. Don't you have a drum machine that you work on tracks with?

Jeff Hanneman: Yahh I have a drum machine I work with at home so if I get an idea at home that's where I can start the writing process. I can just jump in and record some drums, if I can finish it I try. I take it as far as I can and give it to Kerry [King]. Usually when he gets an idea going he will meet up with Dave [Lombardo] and they will work on it for a bit. I will come in and see how everything is going and after that we all jump on in.

B.M: Aside fro yourself who are you're favorite guitar players?

Jeff Hanneman: All time? well i have tons of them but i would say Micheal Shanker ( The Scorpions), he really got me into playing guitar when i was a kid. I always thought he was a great soloist. From there i go into Yngwie(Malmsteen) and all those guys after that.

B.M: Are you ever going to write a follow up to D.A.M.M (drunk drivers agent mad mothers)? That was the funniest song.

Jeff Hanneman: (Laughs) Probably not, that was a little side project i had years ago.

B.M: have you ever release those aside from on "Undisputed attitude"?

Jeff Hanneman: No, i was planning on it years ago and Rick Rubin said "thats the kind of shit that breaks up bands". I'm Just loyal to Slayer.

B.M: When SLAYER writes music do you do it more for the fans or more for yourselves?

Jeff Hanneman: More for ourselves, when we started writing this kind of music in the beginning i didn't think that many people would listen to but over the years out fan base just kept growing and growing and now it's like we do it for us and out fans. Thats one of the main reasons we never changed our style we still like doing it and the fans don't want to here us write a love song or whatever.

B.M: I thought necrophiliac was a love song?

Jeff Hanneman: (Laughs) a SLAYER style love song.

B.M: Who are you listening to for new music now a days?

Jeff Hanneman: There is not anyone I'm into brand new at this time, i'm always looking. Mastodon sounds good but i'm waiting for someone to just blow doors and just do something completely new but i have no idea what that's supposed to sound like but i'm waiting for it. Other then that i listen to some of the new metal bands. I still like Type O Negative, System of a down, old Deftones. Anything thats dark, it doesn't have to be fast and heave because whats what we do but anything thats just dark and has death appeal to it.

B.M: I don't wanna take up anymore drinking time so any last works for the fans?

Jeff Hanneman: We appreciate everything though the years and check out the next record, i know it's going to be awesome!

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