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New Slayer Album In 2009!
Article date: 2009-07-12 11:16:43| Author: sabotage | Print Page | A | a
New Slayer Album In 2009!

American thrash metal legends Slayer has announced that the title of their new studio album will be, "World Painted Blood."

The record was produced by Greg Fidelman and will be released later this year through Columbia Records.

Fans who attend any of the upcoming European “Unholy Alliance Tour, Chapter III” dates, will receive the new SLAYER song via an exclusive
download card that will also include special material from the entire tour’s lineup — SLAYER, MASTODON, TRIVIUM and AMON AMARTH.
The download card, along with a limited edition “Unholy Alliance Tour” clothing patch, will be given away free only to ticket holders
when they arrive at their local venue the night of the show.

Interview from the studio

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