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Slayer Corps


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Slatanic Slaughter II.
Release: 1996 | Category: tribute | Article date: 2008-11-20 16:29:45 | Print Page
Slatanic Slaughter II.
Cím: Slatanic Slaughter II.
Megjelenés: 1996
Kiadó: Black Sun Records
Borító: Kristian Wĺhlin (Necrolord)
Hossz: 49:33 perc

Necrophobic - Die By The Sword
Luciferion - Chemical Warfare
Cradle of Filth - Hell Awaits
Sinister - Praise Of Death
Benediction - Necrophiliac
Liers In Wait - Angel Of Death
Coffin Man - Epidemic
Malevolent Creation - Raining Blood
Vader - Silent Scream
Anathema - Read Between The Lies
Unanimated - Dead Skin Mask
Disaffected - Seasons In The Abyss

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